Thursday, January 16, 2020

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Time is always an issue and converting time is even harder. Thanks to all those who find resources to help us.

Click below if you are wanting to join us and need to figure out the time.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Preparing for 24 Hour World Tour

Jan. 14, 2020

It has begun... Preparation for the 3rd Annual World Tour. I can't wait to see who we get to talk to. I am trying hard to find a very diverse group of people who can teach us things; such as culture, customs or a new perspective.

I am very excited to confirm our friends from Taipan, Taiwan!! They are an amazing group of kids and their teacher is awesome!!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Garza's Reflection!!

Garza's Video Reflection

To the 24 Hour World Tour Team of Students,

Thank you for your blogs, tweets, positive attitudes, and just being so willing to do anything at any moment. This could never have been successful without you!!!

I truly appreciate you all!! You have made me a better person. 

-Ms. Garza

Special Thanks To:

Coca Cola  for the Drinks
Frito Lays for the chips and cookies
Home Intensive Health Care for the money for shirts
Elaine Garcia for a donation for Babe's and listening to my blabbing on and on
Paul Garza for the Hamburgers and keeping me awake to drive home
Julie Ludeman for the Hotdogs and taking me to Costco
Marge of San Antonio 2 donations to us
Paul Garcia donation to us
Canes donation
Rosemary and Gale- Contacts
My sister Tiffany for filling and helping a sister out
Tin, Van, Leticia, Brittany, and Peng for giving back to DeLay 
Angela King for being my savior and helping with my workload
Castillo for helping me with all the practice sessions
Mr. Castillo for being master of the grill
Castillo, Selz, Harbula, Burke, Williamson, Burke, King, and Germany
Mr. Baker for saying yes to the idea
True for picking up the McDonalds breakfast
Dack for picking up Babes
Flanders for the swag and her support for 2 years in a row
Miriam Calixto and her team coming over to help us out from Harmon!!
Mrs. Crockett and Hadnot for helping me out with coolers or just an ear.
The teachers for letting me have the kids during advisory and call them about the kids that applied.
Jayne Germany for Technology support
Angel for getting me the stuff I needed for the event.
Mrs. Lambert for letting me set up and us the library.
The parents for letting the kids try this adventure with us
The people who said YES and talked to us.

As I make this list I realize how truly fortunate I am. 

PS I really hope I did not forget someone.

Hearst San Simeon State Park- Amazing Park Ranger

This was really cool. Our park ranger took us to learn and see the Northern Elephant Seals!! It felt like we were up close and personal due to her technology. We, however, did find out that it is illegal to disturb the wildlife. This actually made me happy!!

It was interesting the number of layers the Northern Elephant Seals have, their weight, the sharpness of their teeth, their play fighting, and returning to the sea rituals.

Our kids really loved it.

What I really loved is how she knew their exhaustion and was super excited.

She was so positive at the end and complimented them!! She truly was an amazing park ranger!!!

Thank You!!!

Horsemanship Academy (Sisterly Love)

Tiffany Morgan who also happens to be my sister was asked to join the 24 Hour World Tour as a guest speaker at pretty much the last moment when a speaker cancelled on me.

The issue was she was that it was her day off of work (Friday). However, because of sisterly love, she agreed to go to the ranch on her day off. Also, she knew that she would be on the downward slope of the 24 Hour World Tour when our kids would look like ZOMBIES! and oh they did!! She was the 23rd call!! She, however, had a positive spirit and brought out her awesome horse.

What we loved?
- The ranch retrains horses without corporal punishment.
- The also ranch helps people who have been injured with their horses.
- We learned that horses are always sending and receiving messages using body language and ears.

Cool Factoids:
-When she got her horse it already had her initials.
-She has a Harry Potter symbol on it which Harbula our first Den dad truly enjoyed!!
-The ranch helps women and their horses.
-It's a safe haven for humans and horses.

Super Proud of my little sister!! Keep helping the women and horses of the world!!

My Jordan Matter Story!!

Behind the Making of the 24 Hour World Tour

I wanted to try and get someone this year that was famous for doing something that I thought was amazing!! I tried Ellen, Malala and Jordan Matters. I will be honest. I expected a "No" from them all because they are all very busy people and I teach at a school in Lewisville, Texas. Not that my school is not amazing, it is just that they are very busy.

Malala's people did get back to me and apparently, I filled it out on the wrong form so I redid it on the correct form. However, she was very busy and could not talk to us. I am going to say that this doesn't negate the fact that she is AMAZING!!!

Then, Ellen... also AMAZING!!! I did not get a response back. I will be honest, I probably filled out the wrong form! I still think she is 100% a wonderful person who inspires people on a daily basis to be kind.

That is just what Jordan Matter did. He gave us the greatest gift in my book, his time!! Normally we have one of the 5 families take the call but in this, cause I had all the girls who have aspirations to photographers take the call.

If you have no idea who Jordan Matter is you are missing out!! So below I have attached a link. Very quickly he is a professional photographer out of NY. I will attach another link with his bio.

So, I get an email from a guy name Honor who says that Jordan Matter would talk to us!!! I started yelling at a meeting I was at. Then, I had to explain why! I called my sister to let her know and my mom!! It was like I had opened up a Christmas gift, but it wasn't Christmas. I replied telling Honor that I actually did not think Jordan would say yes. So I would pretty much make anything work!!

Honor worked with me to get it figured out for a few weeks and then, the day before Jordan called to get a few more details.

So why did I pick Jordan as an amazing person? Well, a few reasons, I love the joy and laughter he gives to the world, his videos bring me happiness but more importantly, I like that his pictures are real. Real as in "real" stories of ordinary people doing great things. My favorite is Lizzy Howell. I love when normal people do great things. Lizzy is amazing!! I love that he stands up for things that are wrong and highlights peoples lives that are the everyday heroes. See video link below.

The experience was so amazing!! My girls were so happy!!! At that moment I knew that all the hard work was worth it!! Thank you, Jordan!! Thank you for making my kids so happy, giving them ideas, tips on photography, and most importantly your time.

My Favorite tip: "You have a take a ton of pictures and make mistakes to get some good ones."

I end by saying thank you!!!

Friday, March 1, 2019

Christine Swanson

Christine Swanson, a doctoral student at the University of Florida, is conducting research about the impact of dams on rivers in South America. She has found out that dams are affecting the environment where they are built. One of the effects is that these dams are forcing indigenous communities to relocate. This is bad because many of them who are poor and rely on these rivers cannot provide food for their families. Another effect is that these dams trap the sediments that come from the Andes Mountains. They have also caused flooding. In order to collect information about her research she has visited the Amazon region and has relied on satellite images. She is passionate about her research and the efforts to preserve the environment. 

LHS Harmon


What is similar between teeth cavities and cave cavities?

Lucia - Teeth cavities are caused from rotting teeth like when you have sugary soda in your mouth for a long time, but cave cavities are caused by carbonic acid, the same stuff as soda! Formations in caves are made from water carrying minerals which deposit and harden into things like popcorn looking formations!

Aimee - We learned that the cave was caused by water and how the outside of the cave was once an ocean because they found shells and other sea creature fossils.

Saira - The cave was found by two brothers. They were George and John Pickett, in 1881. They found it because they heard a noise. They called it Wind Cave National because when George looked in, the wind blew his hat away. That happened because there was high pressure on Earth, which made the cave low pressure.

Yvette - It was very interesting to learn what is in the cave, the history of the cave, and how it originated. I think it was really fun to learn about!

Cave survey photo

Working with this group of girls has been a great experience.
Thank you, ladies, for the privilege of being part of your team during this journey!
Ms. Rebeca Williamson

Our Librarian's Favorite Disney Character Isn't Belle, and Nothing Makes Sense Any More

Disneyland!During our call with Miss Lambert, our school librarian, she gave us a short tour of Disneyland. She showed us many rides, like Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, It’s A Small World, and more. She commented that the longest ride has been the Star Wars ride.

She said that her favorite characters are Snow White, Little Mermaid, and Winnie the Pooh.  We were shocked that it wasn't Belle since they both love books!

The weather in California is very nice and warm. Unlike here, they are in the upper 60s.

We saw several characters: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, and Captain Hook. Her trip was going well, even though the flight to California was a little bumpy.  She did say that she missed her DeLay family, and will likely be coming back with a souvenir for Miss Garza!

Ms. Lambert at Disneyland

Lil' Rebz here and we just finished up talking to Mrs. Lambert!  She's enjoying nice 69 degree weather in California at Disneyland.  We miss her and are so thankful she let us use the library for this event.  

Love ya Ms. Lambert,

Miss Castillo, Ashley S, Edgar S, Alejandro G, and sleepy Mixael

College student Ashley Esperjesi

Ashley Esperjesi is a former LHS student that is currently studying in Oregon, away from her family, but don't worry, she goes to visit her family almost 3 times each year. When we called her she was just having her breakfast, while talking to us about her college life, isn't that amazing? She took her time to tell us about her experience at college. Ashley told us that we should start thinking about what we want to study in college when we grow up. She also told us that she was really attached to cinematic arts with a minor in marketing.

She has a really busy schedule handling 4 jobs at the same time. This might not give her a lot of free time and be able to go to extremely cool college parties. When she has free time, she goes hiking because there is a really high mountain an hour far from where she lives. She also goes to the beach and sometimes she also goes to her friend's house to watch movies and eat ice cream. We all can relate, right?

She also shared with us that if you are interested in a sport like tennis, football, etc, there are scholarships for you. Her school is searching for good stories to tell and demonstrate how amazing this generation is, so, if you really like to play an instrument, draw or paint, there might be a scholarship waiting for you.

Ashley gave us a really good advice, that, in my opinion, we will always keep in mind. She said, "Don't limit yourself in what you want to do", a really good and deep advice we should all have in our minds and think about it when you are at school, in class, copying down your teacher's notes.
So kids, don't limit yourselves. If you like something just do it. Don't care what others are going to say and stay at school.

Paola Ximena
LHS Harmon

Calaveras Big Tree State Park

While talking with Jenny Comperda, she teached us many things about Calaveras Big Tree State Park. One of the things she showed us was the biggest tree in the state park, the Sequoia, which only grows in the state of California, and it can grow from 200ft to 300ft tall. It is also known as the Red Wooden Tree, and it can be from 1000 to 4000 years old. They are so thick and red because they have a layer called tannin, also found on chocolate, grapes, and apples. This layer protects them from fires, insects and other types of animals.  Humans are the only thing that can harm these trees.
Some animals that can most commonly be found  are the squirrels and the long horned beetles. These animals help spread the seeds from the cones. Sometimes fire is required to dry the cones and to clean the area, so they can have more space to grow new Sequoia. Because of new towns nearby the park rangers don't start fires anymore. There's only one poisonous specie in the park which is the rattle snake.

Mariana, Dariela, Lupita,
LHS Harmon

Jairus Makambi- Amazing Kids

The kids in Nairobi, Kenya (Africa) are so amazing!!! They are so articulate and fun!! They played instruments and sang for us!! I am so impressed with them and their teachers. They were amazing!!! Anything we asked they were so eager and willing to do!!! My new dream is to meet them one day in person and teach with their teachers. I would learn so much from both the students and teachers!!

I really hope that we talk to them again next year.

The joy and happiness they brought us were unforgettable!! Their teachers were so amazing!! I loved the passion I saw in their eyes. How much they loved their students!! They inspire me to be a better person and teacher!!

Teacher Emily, you are so amazing!! I hope to one day meet and teach with you. It would make me happy to be half the teacher that you are!!

We did not want to get off the call after 50 minutes but we had another call. I would have loved to talk to them longer!!!

Lil' Sleepy Rebz

Fans of DeLay's World Tour,

Miss Castillo speaking again!  I wanted to share my 10 AM Vlog (hour 18) because my children succumbed to sleep!!!!!  ALL. OF. THEM.

10 AM Vlog


A short nap

These girls have been working hard. Now... a short nap they have earned with great effort.

Dr. Adams, BYU

He taught us about Antarctica.  He told us that he goes there to study the soil and the worms because it's a pure ecosystem.

It's very cold in Antarctica, but he goes there to study during the summer months when it can reach 32 degrees.

They made a law in Antarctica that you can't tell a penguin what to do or where to go.  So they will poop on your stuff and peck at your knees and you can't do anything about it.

He was cool.

~Roselyn, Gennesis, Jaqueline, Kayla


I have learned that elephants come from three different places, and they all have different size and color based on where they are from. Each of the elephants weighs 10 thousand pounds, and they need to eat 200 pounds of food each day. They live in a warm place, but they do not sweat like humans do. Instead, they cover themselves in mud. They use their trunk as their fingers, to drink water, and to breath. I loved learning about the elephants.



Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia, was home to President Thomas Jefferson.

Saira - We discovered that Thomas Jefferson's house looked like a museum. He had a great collection of Native American art.

McKayla - He wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, on July 4th, 1776.

Aimee - His older daughter lived with him in his house and she had 11 kids. He also wrote 10 or 15 letters in a day.

Lucia - The side of his house looks like the house that is on a nickel. His house is on Monticello, which means small hill in Italian. Thomas knew many languages such as, Italian, French, Latin, and Old English. He wrote many letters.

Ivette - I was asleep. 😭

Lil' Rebz Update

Good Morning 24 Hour World Tour fans,

Miss Castillo here.  I woke up from a quick (3 hr) nap.  Listen, I'm old and cannot hang, at all.  Honestly, I woke up at the perfect time.  We spent the 5 AM hour talking to the cutest students at a school in Kenya.  They played us songs on the recorder, sang their national anthem, ane taught us all about school in Kenya.  I never seen students so happy to be talking to someone!  We followed up this awesome call with another awesome call with some 7th and 8th graders in Denmark.  We learned that we have similar interests in music, YouTubers, but we also learned that school is VERY different in Denmark.  We have soooo many elective choices in comparison.  However, we do not have to decide what we are going to do with our lives in 9th grade like they do!  It was crazy!  We talked to them last year and I feel like I learned even more than last time!!!! 

We are on hour 15 and still *trying* to go strong. 

Check out our latest vlogs for the kids reactions to the experience so far!

5:30 AM Vlog

7 AM Vlog

Pictures of sleepy babies below:

Call With Stacey (ESL Passport)

We called Stacey from China at 12:00 AM our time, we talked about the business that she made. Her business is used to help teachers and people who want to start their own business by telling them what place is best to go to like which place would be the best to stay at that won't affect them. She was very funny and charismatic her dog Kong was very adorable just sitting on her lap. She taught us how to say "Hello my name is" in Chinese, it was very challenging because none of us knew any Chinese.  -Kayla

Denmark kids

At 6:00 AM our time we had a call with kids from Denmark. My favorite thing about the conversation that we had was how enthusiastic they were, they were very funny and interesting to talk to. They have a lot of things in common with us, they listen to very similar music that we do and have a few similar sports. Something that I found very interesting was that they do not have any cheerleaders or bands like we do. -Kayla

Energized by Nairobi's Cheery Children Centre!

Students of Nairobi's Cheery Children Centre
By 5 am. we were all starting to drag a bit.  Honestly, more than a bit.  Then we talked to an entire class of 4th through 12th graders in Kenya, and were brought right back to life!

We gave them a tour of our school where we showed them our hallway, posters, gyms, library, lockers, classrooms and bathrooms. They played for us with their instruments -- recorders, clarinets, saxophone, and trombone. The songs were “Hot Cross Buns” and “Jingle Bells."

We talked to them about their classes in school which they had the general subjects -- English, Math, Science, and Social Studies -- plus Swahili and Islamic Religious Instruction.  They said Science was their favorite because they learned about God's creations.

We finished the call by singing the Star-Spangled Banner at their request, then they stood and sang their national anthem for us which they all knew and sang well!

Nigeria Cultures

Today we talked to Ella from Nigeria. We talked about the cultures and how different they are. Even though they are so different they all join together and have fun. We also discussed about their clothing and colors. Each clothing has something unique that makes their clothing different from other cultures. We also shared with her our cultures and what we celebrate. We also shared our favorite foods. Each culture we shared were so different and unique from each other.  I really enjoyed talking to Ella about the different cultures.



Friday, 4:00 am, and the team is still working.
They are so energetic!

Why We Teach: Former DeLay Students

Leticia Rojas, Brittany Marshall, Tin Shew, Peng Thang, and Van Cung

For years we question ourselves secretly in our own minds as teachers, "Why do we do this?" "It is so stressful" "Are we even making a difference?"

The answers were all their on Thursday!! Our kids not only are in college but they gave back to our school their time. Leticia literally just spoke at a conference, Peng just finished CAT practice, Tin took off of work, Brittany running to school when I jacked up her time :-), and Van stopped meeting with his group for us.

That is why we do it!! For them!!

What a fun start of our 24- Hour World Tour!!! Our former DeLay students are in college.

  • Leticia Rojas getting a Masters at Harvard University
 Brittany Marshall finishing up her senior year at Wayland Baptist and wrestling!!

Peng Thang starting his plebe year at the Naval Academy.

Van Cung finishing his freshman year at Harding University.

  • Tin Shew starting his freshman year at Harding.


Brittany Cramer from Japan

She was so amazing and fun!! We learned all about Japanese culture!! We hear the food is amazing!! She was so awesome showing us around her house.

The bidet was definitely the highlight!! Our kids had never heard or seen one. Their faces were priceless!!

Bidet Switches :-)


We enjoyed talking to Simon about his love for film making and traveling. It was nice getting to know about his life and being a filmmaker. We enjoyed listening to him talk about his passion. We hope he achieves his goal of making a movie on all seven continents.

- Alexa Ortiz

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Snarky Narwhals Interview Marcel Zimmer

Marcel Zimmer and the Snarky Narwhals
We talked to Marcel Zimmer from Germany who knew Ms. Selz's brother and lived with him as an exchange student. He works in the fire department and has been doing so since he was 16, but he is currently in college.

He likes Texas and cowboys because he thought it was cool in movies and he saw in Texas that people actually did cowboy things. He wants to travel to more places in the US and to Dubai because in Dubai it has many big building and modern technologies with super cars which he hopes to get one day.

The games he likes are Red Dead Redemption 2, but not Fortnite. In Germany there are no speed limits so he has ridden his Kawasaki motorcycle to 175 mph which he loves to do.

Lil' Rebelz 11 PM Update

Hey everyone,

Miss Castillo's group here.  We are coming at you with a vlog update on our journey here at 11 PM.  Enjoy!

Lil' Rebelz Skype Vlog


We talked to Carlos Calla in Peru. He is a teacher, and he was very kind to receive our call in his home. He told us about his daughter and things that are typical to Peru.
He explained about the weather in Peru. They have summer there, while we have winter here.

These girls are amazing!
They had to improvise questions because they prepared very good questions for an interview that developed differently. They had to speak Spanish and came up with  great questions. I feel so proud of them! Great job Lucia, Yvette, Aimee, MacKayla, and Saira!

Brittany Marshall - Wayland Baptist University

Ms. Brittany is our hero!  She took us on the wildest, most hilarious tour of her school, and it was our favorite!

Brittany started wrestling in high school, won state, then went to college and continued to wrestle.  We learned that she wears a full Spandex suit when she competes - why would you not??  She works out regularly, lifts a lot of weights and jumps rope to stay fit.

Brittany is majoring in Exercise & Sports Science, and hopes to be a physical therapist of athletic trainer one day.

Her words of advice:

Stick with something you love.
Enjoy life - seek for things that bring you happiness.

Brittany, you are a ray of sunshine!  Thank you for spending time with us tonight.

Our First Skype - World Tour 2019

Our first Skype!

Our first Skype of the night was AWESOME!  We went to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming.  Mr. George Miller took us on a tour of his impressive museum and we learned all sorts of interesting information.

  • It’s cold in Wyoming - it's going to be 4 degrees tomorrow in that part of Wyoming.
  • We learned that there are 4 regions in Yellowstone National Park.
  • Each animal has to learn how to adapt physically and behaviorally in order to survive.
  • Horns on bighorn sheep are made of the same stuff fingernails are made of, and female bighorn sheep don’t have horns, only males do.
  • In the park, they have grizzly bears and black bears, wolves, foxes, and the “mighty pika” (which is a tiny little rabbit/mouse) and many other animals.

This was only a little bit of everything that we learned. We were taught well!

After the tour we were able to introduce some of the animals that are native to our area of Texas and explain how these animals adapt to the North Texas environment. We talked about racoons, alligators, ducks, and a few others.

We enjoyed our tour so much! Mr. Miller was a kind, gracious host and very knowledgeable! We appreciate him sharing all the interesting information with us - we enjoyed every minute of the time we spent in Wyoming tonight!


Lil' Rebelz 8 PM Update

Hello fans, family members, and our lovely skype friends,

It is 8 PM on 2/28, and we are now on hour 4 of our 24 hour world tour.  We have 20 more hours to go!  So far we've learned so much about a variety of different colleges.  My dad spent his afternoon/evening cooking us a yummy hamburger and hot dog special.  My crazy kids have named themselves the Lil' Rebelz because "this town ain't big enough for us!"  Can't wait to see where this evening takes us and am looking forward to my 2 AM nap.

- Miss Castillo

It's been pretty fun so far !! I'm the only girl in the group well besides Ms.Castillo but it's not so bad spending 24 hours with a group of boys. The calls have been really really interesting and they've given us great advice.  In our free time we actually eat which I'm already starting to get a stomach ache but I can't help it cuz the food looks great and it tasted great too and well besides eating all the groups play together and we get to spend time together.

-Ashley S

Well this experience has been a really awesome thing to experience because i've gotten the chance to meet and learn more about other people's lives and their daily routine. My goal for tonight is to stay up for 24 hours and learn more about others,its really fun to spend times with others that i wouldn't normally talk to and besides learning more about people from around the world i'm learning more from around me.

- Mixael R

It has been a great day so far and i want to end fun. It has been a experience to learn about other people from other country and stuff that they do it was fun taking to a person named jordan matter that takes great picture and takes them in 10 minutes. I hope we have a good night and have a great day eating and taking to other people.

-Alejandro G

It's been a wonderful experience these couple hours so far i've been wide awake and with good energy but i think that at 3:00 am i'm gonna be gone gone but hopefully i'll make it all the way and so far it's been so much fun with my friends and the food that they have gave us so far is good and hopefully we end up having a good night with a lot of funny moment.

-Edgar S

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